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This genuine 2001 Rolex Submariner 14060M (non-date) with full set of original Rolex box, papers , Rolex Service Card plus accessories is in excellent condition and has passed our in-house due diligence and inspection criteria.


Case width 40mm (excluding crown)

Black Dial

Sapphire Crystal

Rolex Calibre 3130 Automatic Movement

Rotating Bezel with Black insert

Stainless Steel Case

Stainless Steel Oyster Bracelet

Oyster Bracelet

Oyster Folding Clasp

Original Rolex Certificate dated September 2001

Rolex Service Card dated September 2018

Green Rolex Leather Wallet

Calendar Card

Submariner Booklet

Oyster Perpetual Booklet

Translation Booklet

Rolex box (inner and outer)

Green Swing Tag

Anchor Lanyard (1000ft)

TWS 12 Month Warranty

Watch Register Certificate


If you would like a FaceTime viewing of this watch please contact us on 01892 354094 or email


Although Rolex had been making waterproof watches since the 1930’s with the Oyster series it wasn’t until 1954 when their first professional diver’s watch, the Submariner, was launched.


Once again this was a watch made by Rolex that was designed to carry out a specific job in a specific environment but ultimately remaining fashionable to wear.


This was a watch that could be worn by divers to a depth of 100 metres thanks to the newly-designed screw-down crown known as the ‘Twinlock’. The Deep Sea Research Institute in Cannes carried out extensive tests on the watch and verified the claims made by Rolex. In fact, the watch performed way beyond its stated capabilities and very quickly won the admiration it deserved from the diving community. And, of course, Commander James Bond used to wear one.


The rotating bezel was also a revolutionary design feature at its launch and now a diver could easily keep a record of his diving time. Rolex had spent a lot of time liaising with professional divers in the development of the watch which paid dividends in the final design. The Submariner set the template for all other watchmakers and has defined the look of the modern diving watch ever since.


The original Submariner may never be improved upon but it is often complemented with an alternative presentation for varying tastes. Bi-metal finishes, solid gold and many variants of the Submariner have appeared over the decades, some of them even acquiring their own popular nicknames such as Kermit, Hulk, Smurf and Bart Simpson.


Standing for ‘Modified’, the ref. 14060M was released in 1999 with a revised calibre, the 3130. The non-date version of the 3135 movement had been powering the Submariner Date series since 1988 but the 3130 brought with it many of the elements missing from the previous iteration.


The Breguet overcoil was reinstated, a larger balance wheel fitted and the balance cock replaced with a full balance bridge.


All told, it gave the 3130 an improved performance, and its physical size, 28mm diameter and 6mm in height, lent it an inherent strength, perfect for the toughest of tool watches.


Even so, the first generation of the ref. 14060M were also two-liners. Rolex still seemed reluctant to submit the watch to the scrutiny of the COSC, and so they were not qualified as chronometers.


It wasn’t until 2007 that the brand sought official approval, leaving collectors with the choice when purchasing a 14060M of going for a formally sanctioned four-liner Superlative Chronometer, or sticking with the cleaner dial and more vintage-inspired two-liner.  


Given the provenance of the design and whichever version you choose, the Submariner can rightly be described as the ultimate 'luxury sports watch'.

2001 ROLEX Submariner 14060M

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